(8 Tracks) The Named: Predator & Mirror Mix

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(I take no responsibility for the content on these links. Superhero stories go dark places sometimes; read with care.)

There Are No Heroes : From the About page: “The story of a group of people living in a world where good and evil are relative, superpowers exist, and nothing is as simple as it seems.”

A Grey World : Tagline: “Nothing is black and white….”

Ghost Touch : From the About page: “Society is getting colder. The newest street drug jacks people into the Grid, a place of escape if you’re rich enough to afford it. Rainey Sullivan lives off the Grid. A street urchin with an unwanted talent, Rainey sticks to the outskirts of society, relying on petty theft to survive. Until one night when she picks the wrong pocket and steals more than just cash.”

Stone Burners: From the About page: “Stone Burners is a place for me to write about a superhero world. I will try to make at least somewhat realistic, but the primary goal of all of this is to have fun with it. I have little experience in the ways of actually writing for other people, and as such constructive feedback would be absolutely fantastic.”

Sins of the Fathers: From the About page: “Sins of the Fathers is a (hopefully) weekly web serial about a group of young superheroes attempting to take over for the previous, more well-established team. It updates Sundays at a random time, to keep you on your toes.”

The League of Prey: From the About page: “The League of Prey is a web serial in the style of Worm, which I heartily recommend. It updates Wednesdays at 11 PM and Sunday at 1 PM Eastern Time. It follows Elie, a teenage girl, who is miserable in her school and town, and longs for college as an escape. Little does she know that her small city is soon going to be the center of attention.”

World Domination in Retrospect: I’m not giving you a summary for this one. The author’s name is Psycho Gecko, he says mortals reading his serial will quake in buttery fear, and you will need to have roughly that amount of levity/insanity to properly appreciate WDiR.

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