(8tracks) The Named: Predator & Mirror Mix

(8tracks) The Named: Predator & Mirror Mix

Exactly what it says on the tin. This is an 8-song playlist I put together for a little… mood music, so to speak, for Predator&Mirror. The mix album art is done by a good friend of mine, whose works I will link properly once I can work out how exactly one links to such things.

Track list:

Take Me On The Floor (The Veronicas)
Between Breaths (Blaqk Audio)
Blackout (Breathe Carolina)
Heart Song (Automatic Loveletter)
The Game Played Right (Emarosa)
Power & Control (Marina And The Diamonds)
This Suffering (Billy Talent)
Watch Me Bleed (Scary Kids Scaring Kids)

Honorable Mention:

Suspicious Character (The Blood Arm)
Suck It Up (She Wants Revenge)
Blue Monday (cover by Orgy)