The Named is a superhero webnovel primarily following Aiyana, a college student who gets sucked into a world where names are everything and reality is nothing like what she was told growing up.

The Named updates erratically.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. might add that there are chapters on other days, through the all seem to be interludes
    (had me confused up untill now, realy didn’t understand your shedule)

    • *till now, really
      would be usefull to rename the “Home” to “About” at the bar atop
      (again took some time to find it, I don’t normaly open “home” since it most often is page including the last 5 chapters without comments, and with the most curent at top)

      • Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind. It’s also the literal homepage; if you just go to fromwhencecamethenamed.wordpress.com you get the about page.

        I’m not so sure what to do about the update thing. I don’t want to commit to a certain day for bonus content (if you’ll notice, main story chapters are always Thursdays, and bonus content is Friday/Saturday).

  2. You’ve got one more follower!

    A small comment – maybe add just a few more lines to the story summary in about? What’s there is pretty intriguing, but also leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Maybe that’s your intention, but some readers might appreciate a little more information before they decide to dive into your story. There’s so much Superhero fiction out there, maybe elaborate a little on what makes your story stand out. How are names everything?

    Are you listed on WFG? If so, add a vote button! If not… why aren’t you listed on WFG?

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