Second Interlude

[This interlude takes place between chapters four and five. It contains sexual themes, but no actual sex.]

“Well? Aren’t you going to invite me up?”

Mirror bit the inside of her cheek, searching Predator’s eyes. The urge to take control, to force the issue reared up, and Predator hauled hard on the reins. ‘Down, girl,’ she thought to herself, ‘this one needs a little finesse.’

A beat, then Mirror nodded, hesitantly looping her arms around Predator’s neck. “I- yeah. Come up-” She flushed in that way dark-skinned people did, where it was more a change in their face than them getting red. “Come up with me.”

Predator chuckled, running her nails lightly along Mirror’s back. “Lead the way.”

Swallowing hard, Mirror stepped back, dark eyes searching Predator’s one more time before she turned to her apartment building.

Predator watched her walk. The sway to her hips caught her eye, as it had the first time she’d seen her, and she felt no shame at her open appreciation. Mirror had to be unaware she was dead sexy. The way she moved, her surprise at Predator’s attention; either she didn’t know or she was way better at playing this game than Predator, and that wasn’t even worth thinking about.

Mirror managed to get them inside the building, but fumbled with her keys at the apartment door, and Predator came up behind her, hands braced on either side of the doorframe. She dipped her head, running her nose along the length of Mirror’s neck and inhaling. Mirror shuddered, and Predator’s gut clenched in response.

“I’m going to devour you,” the words slipped from Predator’s mouth, and she skimmed her lips along the side of Mirror’s throat, “I’m going to devour you, and you’re going to like it.”

Mirror’s knees buckled, and Predator caught her with a quick arm wrapped around her waist.

“I-” Mirror squeaked, “-you can’t- someone- my brother-”

Predator turned her head away from Mirror and inhaled deeply, closing her eyes to sort out the ambient scents.

“Someone left this apartment not long ago,” She purred, her hand coming up under Mirror’s shirt to smooth her palm along the other woman’s stomach. “A man who smells of talc powder and sweat.”

“Man that smells like-” Mirror arched backward as Predator began to kiss the side of her neck, “my brother’s an acrobat. He must have gone out for the night.”

“Long enough for you to smuggle me into your room,” Predator agreed, nipping at Mirror’s jaw before releasing her.

The door opened into a dark apartment, and Predator waited until her eyes adjusted before she stepped inside. Mirror moved inside right away, slipping off her shoes and walking toward the back of the apartment quietly.

Predator shut the door behind herself, taking off her shoes and stalking behind Mirror. The other woman opened the door to a room that (probably) belonged to her, and Predator lunged, pushing Mirror onto her bed.

“God, I-” Mirror didn’t manage to catch herself, bouncing on the mattress and looking up at Predator with wide eyes. “Close the door, my brother might come back soon-”

“Just relax,” Predator cut her off, but closed the door and locked it with a swipe of her thumb.

For a few seconds, they stared at one another. Mirror’s chest heaved, and she propped herself up on her hands, biting her lip. Predator reached up to the buttons of her blouse, chuckling when Mirror’s eyes widened.

“I put a lot of work into my body,” Predator smirked, opening her shirt one button at a time. She shrugged off the dark blouse, not caring where it fell. “Come find out just how much.”

Chapter Seven

7 thoughts on “Second Interlude

  1. Is it intentional that the Interludes don’t show up in-between the proper chapters? This one is supposed to be between four and five, but shows up between six and seven. Same with the last Interlude.

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