Thread title: PLE in Chicago??

Poster Name: squealer
woah guys did u see this? who is this???
Attachment #1: sum guy who turns into fog??
Attachment #2: same guy in front of chicago pd!!

Poster Name: lonelyboi72
that’s smoke. he’s an LA native. what’s he doing in chicago?

Poster Name: romeowasaposer
Hide your wife, hide your kids, hide your husband, the PLE is kidnapping everybody up in here.

Poster Name: squealer
LOL @ romeo

Poster Name: somebodytoleanon
Somebody better warn the Chicago paras.

Poster Name: lonelyboi72
does chicago even have paras?

Poster Name: squealer
LOL we got hellfire, and predator and her harem

Poster Name: darknessfalls
Predator doesnt have a hrem anymore just the one

Poster Name: romeowasaposer
No way, Predator would never give up her harem. Pics or it didn’t happen.

Poster Name: lonelyboi72
can we get back to the important part? what is smoke doing in chicago?

Poster Name: squealer
idk, i saw him in uniform in front of the cpd

Poster Name: thepriceofcopper
I’ve got a better pic, squealer.
Attachment: Smoke escorting some girl out of the cpd

Poster Name: squealer
woah who the f*** is that?!!!?

Poster Name: romeowasaposer
Maybe it’s Hellfire with her mask off.

Poster Name: squealer
naw bro, hellfires white

Poster Name: moviesmoviesmovies
watch the littlest microwave on for free!

Poster Name: lonelyboi72
it could just be some random.

Poster Name: thepriceofcopper
It’s not. I’ll have more information later, but trust me, she’s someone to watch.

Chapter Twelve

10 thoughts on “Intermission

  1. This theme makes bolds and italics look so ugly. I’m definitely going to go look for something else.

    Anyway, despite being an intermission, this is technically an exterlude (since it deals with things outside the main viewpoints). Regular chapter will be up this week, though it may be delayed because of the holidays. Make sure to poke around on The Named on WFG or The Named on Muse’s Success if you’ve got a minute. I was a little skeptical about Muse’s Success, but it seems that it does actually register votes, just very slowly.

    Enjoy your holidays!

  2. The posts are sort of disassociated from the names, making it a bit awkward to read. I suggest removing the space from between the poster name and their post (and any attachments), or increasing the space between posts.

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