[This interlude takes place between chapters two and three of the main story.]

“I don’t like where this is going, you askin’ for things like this.” He gave her a disapproving look. He was old enough to be her father and they both knew it, just like they both knew that she’d never grown out of the ‘rebellious teenager’ phase.

“You don’t have to do much,” she wheedled, returning his disapproving look with one that suggested what she was asking for was entirely reasonable, “just nudge her a little.”

“Even if I were up to doin’ what you’re askin’, which I’m not, you know I can’t nudge. It’s a full push or nothin’, and it don’t stick.”

“If it doesn’t stick, then why are you worried?” A hint of victoriousness entered her eyes. “I just want to help my odds a little.”

“I’m worried ’cause I don’t wanna piss off some up’n’comin’ para if I can help it. Humans’ll fuck you, but paras’ll fuck you in ways that make the laws of physics cry.”

“She’ll never know it was you.” A bit of pleading, now.

“Couldn’t damn well be anyone else, could it? Ain’t never heard of another para who can do it like me, and even if the man existed, why would he mess with her head just to get her into your bed?” He didn’t budge, didn’t take his eyes off her.

“I never said I wanted her in bed.” Deny, deny, deny.

“You never said you didn’t, either. I know how you work, girl, know how you lure women in and fuck ’em ’til you get bored of ’em.” His disapproval turned to concern. “What I said don’t just go for me. She ends up feelin’ used at the end, she could go after you. Just ’cause ‘Mirror’ ain’t ‘Hellfire’ don’t mean she ain’t dangerous.”

“Whatever.” An eyeroll. “Just come do your little fire trick so she stops thinking I’m some kind of stalker.”

“You are a stalker, Predator. Your Name ain’t ever gonna let you be anything but.”

Chapter Five


11 thoughts on “Interlude

  1. So Flare can also suggest things to people’s minds. Interesting. The apostrophes for the accent are a little annoying. And Flare doesn’t accept, so the relationship happened naturally.

    Also, “His disapproval turns to concern”, wrong tense. Everything else is past tense.

    • He can push emotions. You might say he can cause them to… flare? [/Dr. Evil pinkie]

      Argh. Thanks for the tense catch. My natural writing style is present, but this is all in past. I mix things up something awful sometimes. Usually my beta catches it, but she hasn’t been around.

  2. That son of a bitch! Well, that would explain it quite well. Asshole. As for the interlude, I thought it was a little short, but conveyed the meaning well. Though… Was it mentioned that he was flare?

    • “Just do your little fire trick so she stops thinking I’m some sort of stalker” heavily implies that this is Flare she’s talking to. And the Texan accent I managed to mangle.

      Out of curiosity, why are you calling him an asshole?

      • Well I consider him an asshole now because what he’s doing is assisting in rape. He’s forcing her to consent against her will- comparable to drugging someone. That is a whole new level of asshole.

        Unrelated, it is interesting to see that a metahuman’s “Name” has such a profound effect on the person’s character. Hints at Mirror having something more going for her than just that glass trick.

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